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The combination of cheap gas and an improving economy has resulted in more cars on the road, and more congestion is directly correlated to more accidents. What’s more, the aftermath of the average accident has grown increasingly more expensive as well. Modern cars are packed with more high tech features than their predecessors, so it costs more to repair them. In the past, it was “just fixing a bumper,” Allstate spokesperson Adam Polack explained to the Charlotte Observer. “Now it has a backup camera in it. So cars are more expensive to fix. ” Traffic accidents tend to involve lawsuits and medical bills as well, and since legal fees and health care costs have been rising faster than inflation, they too are pushing auto insurance rates skyward. But if people paid attention to the road rather than their phones while driving, there would be fewer crashes—and fewer costs that insurers must cover. As a rideshare driver, having insurance is really important– not just auto insurance but health too. With all the driving you do on a daily basis or even on a part time basis, statistically, you are, compared to the average driver more likely to be involved in an auto accident. An analysis recently estimated the total number of active Uber drivers to surpass the 162,000 figure in the US.

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For this reason, many UBI programs seek to convert the fixed costs associated with mileage driven into variable costs that can be used in conjunction with other rating factors in the premium calculation.

Even as cars themselves are becoming safer thanks to better technology and design, the rise of smartphones has been correlated to higher rates of road accidents and traffic fatalities, insurance experts say.

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Issue Usage Based Insurance UBI is a type of auto insurance that tracks mileage and driving behaviors.

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