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Some insurers offer discount programs to drivers who meet certain qualifications and put less than a set amount of miles on their cars per year. For instance, if you live within a relatively short distance from your work meaning shorter commute time, and therefore, less time on the road, most insurance companies will offer a discount. The rationale is that drivers who aren’t on the road as much have a much smaller chance of getting into an accident, and thus, needing to make an accident claim. How about “doing away with the car and opting for mass transportation. ” This was lifted from your Best Frugality Advice April 3, 2007. If the transit system in your area offers monthly passes, get one because they are worth it. I saved more than fifty percent off my regular fare with a monthly pass. Plan your trips and check the route schedules which are available online. Better still, get copies of the transit schedules which are given out for free on the train or bus. Just spend a few minutes studying these schedules and you will discover that you can go practically any place worth going to using public transportation. If you need to walk from the stop to your destination, then by all means, WALK!It’s good exercise which your body needs.

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That does not pay the high rate of rent for apartment living.

Do not delay with the application.

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If you insure motor vehicles and want to increase your subrogation recoveries, get this book!" Karen Birks Pace, ERIE INSURANCE GROUP, Subrogation Specialist, Waukesha, Wisconsin"Automobile Insurance Subrogation In All 50 States is the most ambitious subrogation treatise I've ever seen.

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