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Telematics also allow fleets to determine the most efficient routes, saving them costs related to personnel, gas, and maintenance. Challenges The practice of tracking mileage and behavior information in UBI programs has raised privacy concerns. As a result, some states have enacted legislation requiring disclosure of tracking practices and devices. Additionally, some insurers limit the data they collect. Although not for everyone, acceptance of information sharing is growing as more mainstream technology devices such as smartphones, tablets, and GPS devices and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter enter the market. Implementing a UBI program, particularly one that utilizes telematics, can be costly and resource intensive to the insurer.

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One has to take charge of their health and well being, and pursue what they think works for them.

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This is my bias and self observed opinion and though I am not saying our is perfect I am saying, to my standards, it is the better of the twoPeople in the us also wait long times in emergency in some areas.

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