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Insurers will need new operational capabilities to underwrite policies and assess claims in a more technologically advanced and diverse environment. See figure 2 for a summary of these changes. Shared mobility and autonomous vehicles introduce new stakeholders that will need the protection of auto insurance but do not conform to today’s auto insurance model. In the case of driver driven sharing in future state 2, for example, a rental car company and driver typically purchase separate coverage based on their unique needs. And for autonomous vehicles, the vehicle is “driven” by an operating system OS dependent on a network of sensors, mapping software, and algorithms designed, built, and maintained by a third party entity that will require new forms of liability coverage. 8 These models of mobility create the opportunity—and need—to unbundle today’s all in one, vehicle centric policy that predominates in state 1 personally owned, driver driven and provide coverage specific to the unique needs of stakeholders in states 2, 3, and 4. Future state 2 shared driver driven vehicles: There are three basic stakeholder models: fleet such as yellow cabs or limos, auto rental companies, and, more recently, ridesharing in which the owner is also frequently the operator. For fleet and ridesharing models, owners are the primary stakeholders, with policies covering commercial drivers. For rental models, there are two stakeholders: the owner of the vehicle most likely an auto rental company but potentially an individual and, in carsharing, a non commercial driver. In these scenarios, separate policies may be needed to cover both the owner and the operator. Future state 1: Policies will likely resemble the all inclusive coverage bundles offered today.

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As with any type of insurance policy, there is a deductible that is your responsibility.

These perils make investment in the aquaculture industry significantly risky.

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